Pursuits of youth

Something I regret not doing when I was younger is chasing after the things that I thought mattered. I either let my interest wane, or listened to the tut-tutting of others that said it was a waste of time.

I’m reading a book that examines the Interactive Fiction (IF) medium called Twisty Little Passages. Interactive Fiction is the dressed up word for text adventures. I feel as though hours of my youth spent playing these has been vindicated. I should have pushed for it to be considered Summer Reading.

…works of acknowledged literary quality, such as Robert Pinksky’s Mindwheel and Brian Moriarty’s Trinity…

It’s neat to see a classic Infocom text adventure right alongside work created by a former US poet laureate. Moriarty’s Trinity was the first time I ever came across a Klein bottle and the word perambulator.

Last modified on 2007-12-15