Why aren't you a superhero?

{{< figure src=“http://gnumatt.org/images/kickass.jpg" title=”" class=“align-left” >}} As a kid I wanted my life to be different from the one I imagined ahead of me. I wanted to be a master jewel thief or president of a unified North and South America. As I got older the dreams got smaller. I wanted to monopolize America’s garbage collection industry. Now they’re more abstract. I wish I’d had a comic book like Kick-Ass to inspire me when I was younger.

It’s about a high school student named Dave Lizewski who wonders why nobody wants to grow up to be a superhero. One day he decides to put on a scuba suit and fight crime. Mark Millar’s writing comes across as authentic and a fresh take on what makes a superhero. The way he integrates ideas from his fans drives home the point that Kick-Ass is something that exists in our world. We should all ask ourselves why we didn’t choose to be superheroes.

With every issue I’ve gotten a little choked up, or felt a rush of excitement. Nothing else, except All Star Superman, comes close to engaging me like this every month. Every issue so far has sold out. Issue 3 mentions that they’ve started hitting Spider-Man/X-Men numbers with 75,000 copies of the first issue sold. I think this could be big.

Last modified on 2008-06-08